3rd Workshop on European Storms


2 September - 4 September 2013
University of Exeter/Met Office

Conference board

1 Exeter Climate Systems, Mathematics Research Institute, University of Exeter

2 Met Office Hadley Centre for Climate Prediction and Research, Exeter


The workshop is part of the European WIndstorm Research Network (EUWIRN) the creation of which is an additional deliverable of the RACEWIN project. This workshop aims to:

  • bring together leading climate researchers on European and N. Atlantic extra-tropical cyclones in order to share recent research ideas;
  • develop ideas on how to consolidate and grow activity in this important area of research relevant for Europe.

It is the third installment in a series of 'European storm workshops' funded by AXA. The two previous workshops were: Exeter 2011 and Leeds 2012.

Overview talks on the main issues will be used to set the scene and then on the first two days, there will small thematic breakout working groups to discuss ideas on how to join up research in different areas. Groups will then reconvene on the last day to report back developments and ideas. Poster boards will be available throughout the period around the main room.

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Monday 2 September 2013:

12:00-14:00:      Registration: arrive, register and meet over a buffet lunch

Talks 1:           Climatological studies of historical storms (Chair: Julia Roberts)

14:00-14:10       David Stephenson: Introduction to the workshop.

14:10-14:30       Peter Knippertz: The Role of the Stratosphere in Explosive Deepening of Extratropical  Cyclones

14:30-14:50       Joaquim Pinto: Rossby Wave-Breaking analysis of Explosive Cyclones in the Euro-Atlantic  sector

14:50-15:10       Theo Economou: Extreme storminess: How deep can lows get in space and time?

15:10-15:30 Helen Dacre: A climatology of jet crossing cyclones 15:30-15:50 Neil Hart: Do North Pacific sting jet cyclones exist? 15:50-16:30  Tea/coffee and cakes

16:30-17:30      1st  Breakout group discussions

19:00-               Dinner at Reed Hall on the U. of Exeter campus inc. open bar

Tuesday 3 September 2013:

Talks 2:           Storm representation in models (Chair: Simon Brown/Ruth McDonald)

09:30-09:50       Tomasz Trzeciak: Can we trust climate models to realistically represent severe European  windstorms?

09:50-10:10       Giuseppe Zappa: How well can reanalyses and a 25km climate model represent polar lows?

10:10-10:30       Oscar Martinez Alvarado: Airstreams within regions of strong winds in extratropical cyclone Friedhelm: model results and observational evidence

10:30-10:50       Matt Hawcroft: Evaluating extratropical cyclones in a high resolution climate model using reanalysis and remote sensing data

10:50-11:10      Claudio Sanchez: TRACK algorithm into the UM

11:10-11:40      Tea/coffee and cakes

11:40-12:40      1st  Breakout group discussions: reporting back 12:40-13:30                        Lunch

Talks 3:           Storm risk quantification (Chair: Hazel Thornton)

13:30-13:50       Julia Roberts: XWS: A new database for extreme European windstorms

13:50-14:10       Ben Youngman: A recalibration framework for extremes from climate models

14:10-14:30       Uwe Ulbrich: Combining EPS and statistical downscaling for storm risk estimations

14:30-14:50       Alasdair Hunter: Quantifying and understanding the collective risk of mid-latitude  windstorms

14:50-15:10       Maria Tous: Assessing the Medicane Risk

15:10-15:30      Margarida Liberato: Extreme Extratropical Storms in the Southeastern North Atlantic Ocean and Impacts

15:30-16:00      Tea/coffee and cakes

16:00-17:00      2nd  Breakout group discussions

17:00-              Free evening for participants to make their own arrangements